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    Moving Information Rotterdam

    Are you moving to, within or out Rotterdam? Don’t forget to (de)register yourself of the Municipal Personal Records. You’ll also find more information about local taxes and how to change your address.

    Register Rotterdam

    Register yourself first

    Are you staying in Rotterdam for longer than 4 months? Make an appointment for registration in the Municipal Personal Records. After registering yourself you will be provided with a Citizen Service Number. You need this number when you open a bank account or take out health insurance.

    Municipal Personal Records

    Short stay registration

    Are you staying in Rotterdam for no more than 4 months? You can register as a non-resident with the Personal Records Database (BRP). To do so, you have to register with a RNI-municipality in the Non-residents Record Database (RNI). After registering yourself you will be provided with a Citizen Service Number. You need this number when you open a bank account or take out health insurance.

    Register on company address
    Company address

    Registration on company

    Haven't you found a permanent address upon arrival to Rotterdam? Some companies and organizations have permission from the municipality to register employees on their company address. These companies are recognized sponsors and have an address in Rotterdam. It is only allowed to be registered on the company address for a maximum of three months. If a company has permission, they get a permission letter from the municipality and a form they must fill in and give to you to register.

    Deregistration process

    Deregister yourself

    When you leave the Netherlands, make sure you deregister from the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) Rotterdam. After deregistering the department updates your details and automatically informs other government authorities. Deregistration is free of charge. Check how you can deregister via the button below.

    Local taxes
    Local taxes

    Household waste and
    water tax

    Every resident in The Netherlands pays national and local taxes. The municipality sends you a tax form that covers your local tax contributions for the year. If you rent an apartment in Rotterdam you have to pay two local taxes: household waste tax and water tax. In various situations you have to pay additional taxes. You'll find more information about local taxes via the button below.

    Local tax refund

    Will I get a local tax refund if I move? Your move will be passed on to the Tax and Customs Administration by the Civil Affairs department (basic register of persons). You will automatically receive a reduction for the waste tax for the remaining number of calendar months of the year that remain. Additionally, you automatically receive an assessment for the number of months for your new home. Contact the Rotterdam Municipal Tax Authority (Gemeentebelastingen Rotterdam) for more information. You can call +31 (0)10 -267 1625 (press 2 for an English speaking officer) or visit the website in the button below.

    Moving Rotterdam
    Address change

    Moving to, within
    or out Rotterdam

    If you are moving to or out your apartment in Rotterdam you need to register your new address with the municipality within five days of moving. You need to fill in or upload several documents to register your new address. There are no costs involved. Click on the button below for more information.


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